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A family business located in Mealhada, dedicated to the import and sale of machines, tools and equipment.

The story of Madeira&Madeira, SA dates back to 1971 with the establishment of the company ?Carlos Garcia de Matos, Lda? in which Mr. Manuel Madeira owned a minority stake of 13,3%. In 1984, Mr. Manuel Madeira acquierd the shares of the oher shareholders, the facility moved to Pedrulha,Coimbra, and chaned its name to ?Madeira&Madeira, Inc?. From that moment forward the company became 100% familiar. The company showed a rapid growth,betting on the importation and on the wholesale distribution of machines and tools, it went from na equity capital of 23,600e euros in 1984 to a current equity capital of 2,100,000 euros. Moreover, in 197 the company became a public limited company and in 1998 the entire business moved to another location called Sargento Mor, Portugal.

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