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"Work as a pro"

The company Madeira & Madeira has as its vision to continue being the reference company at the national level in the import and sale of machines, tools and DIY articles. Being the clients our reason to exist, everything that is done in favor of these is a priority!

So are our guiding principles:

• Maintain a posture of honesty and ethics in the relationship with its stakeholders;
• A commitment to providing quality service and meeting deadlines;
• Commitment to meeting applicable requirements;
• Fulfillment of the expectation generated in the client;
• Continuous bet on the training of its employees;
• Respond to the latest market requirements;
• Bet on the continuous improvement of all our processes by the strong bet on innovative equipment;
• Commitment to the requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.


Mealhada, January 19, 2018

Dispute Resolution

 According to the law nº 144/2015, of 8 September, we informe that in case of a conflite the consumer can appeal to a Alternative Dispute Resolution Body

We provide the data of one of ours entities:


-> CNIACC -Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo


TEL.:213847484 / Fax 213845201


More information at the consumer portal: www.consumidor.pt

A family business located in Mealhada, dedicated to the import and sale of machines, tools and equipment.

The story of Madeira&Madeira, SA dates back to 1971 with the establishment of the company ?Carlos Garcia de Matos, Lda? in which Mr. Manuel Madeira owned a minority stake of 13,3%. In 1984, Mr. Manuel Madeira acquierd the shares of the oher shareholders, the facility moved to Pedrulha,Coimbra, and chaned its name to ?Madeira&Madeira, Inc?. From that moment forward the company became 100% familiar. The company showed a rapid growth,betting on the importation and on the wholesale distribution of machines and tools, it went from na equity capital of 23,600e euros in 1984 to a current equity capital of 2,100,000 euros. Moreover, in 197 the company became a public limited company and in 1998 the entire business moved to another location called Sargento Mor, Portugal.